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New Moon Advanced Skate Rollerski Package

New Moon Advanced Skate Rollerski Package
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Advanced Skate Rollerski Package, super comfortable carbon shafts, stiffer performance boots, lighter and stiffer poles

Fischer Speedmax Skate Rollerskis
Rottefella Skate Rollerski Bindings
KV+ Bora Pole
Fischer Carbonlite Boots
Swix Rollerski Ferrules 10mm

Fischer Speedmax Rollerskis are light, flexible, comfortable and durable. Their lower standing height makes them more stable than higher riding shafts. The thinner ply means the standing height is low but the ground clearance is not compromised. Wheel speed is medium.

The Bora+ Pole is reinforced with additional carbon bands along the entire length, they feature the same Tornado Plus stiffness, small quick-changing baskets, and Falcon Clip grips. Falcon grips are designed so that the strap fixing point is located exactly in the center of pole shaft, letting you push off the snow with maximum energy efficiency. Strap enters the grip at an angle that makes pole return to your palm quicker after the push. At just 62 grams per meter they are almost the same weight of Tornado Plus poles, so they’re still light enough for almost any pro skier. Weight: 50g/meter. Size: 150-

Fischer Carbonlite skate boots have a stiff heel counter and torsional resistance which gives the skier confidence and control.

Rottefella rollerski specific bindings included.

Skate and Classic rollerski

Winter may be over, but that doesn’t have to affect your cross-country ski plans. Hone your technique, stay in shape, and dream of next winter as you roll along with an amazingly authentic feeling of skiing on snow.


Choosing a rollerski

The basic choice is, of course, between Classic technique and Skate technique, exactly the same as it is for winter. The rollerski for each technique are as activity-specific as they are for skis. Classic rollerski have relative wide wheels to simulate the contact area of the winter skis. Their wheels roll only forwards, so the pushoff phase has the same forward drive effect as a correctly waxed ski or a “fish scale” grip base. Skate rollerskis are similar to to snow skis in the way they perform and the way they require a more complex technique to attain and hold speed. They are shorter, and they have narrower wheels to simulate the edge contact of Skate skis. The radius of a Carbonlite Skate wheel is 100mm (2.5 in), for example.

There are also Skate rollerskis for beginners. The RC5 Skate offers sure handling and easy turning, even if your technique isn’t yet perfect. A great option for beginners, especially for young skiers, is a combination skiroller that allows both Skate and Classic style. One example is the RCJ Combi Mounted with its low-to-the-ground design for reassuring stability.



Fischer rollerski brakes are separate unit you attach to the rear of either boot you prefer. I simple tilting backwards of the lower leg presses the light, sturdy brake mechanism against the rear wheel. More pressure means faster braking. Simple, elegant, effective.


Boots & bindings

Like a winter boot, rollerski boots for either technique allow efficient power transfer from your legs to the rollerski to the ground. Warm weather rolling calls for ventilation and the Fischer Fresh anti-bacterial treatment to keep boots in good shape as the kilometers add up.

While the function of the binding is the same as it is for winter gear, the designs for Skate and Classic rollerskis are unique to theses models.

Streets were designed for automobiles, bicycles, and other vehicles with large diameter wheels, so put on your bicycling or ski helmet and please consider knee pads and hand protection.



After a little acclimatization a skilled snow skier will feel comfortable on rollerskis. The techniques of foot and leg motion, and use of the poles are the same. Go easy at first, and give yourself time to get used to the feel and some of the differences- especially braking!


The Fischer difference

As a leader in all aspects of cross-country skiing and off-season training, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the benefits of our years of research and know-how:

  • Fischer rollerskis have a smooth, authentic ride.
  • Practical details like a Splash Guard to prevent stones being launched by fast-moving wheels.
  • Aluminum and carbon frames for long-distance performance.
  • All-aluminum frames in beginners’ models for an extra smooth ride.
  • So, go out and enjoy your cross-country skiing. It’s the season!


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