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New Moon Skiing In A T-shirt Warm Grind

New Moon Skiing In A T-shirt Warm Grind
$69.99 - $99.99
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Approximate temp range: 32F, wet slop or corn snow.

We’ve all been there, and you must be ready with some special skis. As the title suggests, this grind can channel water like a rain gutter, — a necessity for warm weather racing.

Intended for 32°F and warmer, this grind utilizes deep channels to handle snow moisture and reduce speed-killing suction, while helping your skis move over wet transformed and corn snow crystals that are associated with warm-weather and spring skiing.

Are your sleeves and tights rolled up? Are your boots soaking wet? This is the grind!

In the Spring, skis will be scheduled to be ground on a batch by batch basis. Call New Moon for grind dates. 800-754-8685.


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