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New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Easy & Convenient Glide Wax Kit

New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Easy & Convenient Glide Wax Kit
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Liquid and paste waxes are not just for waxless skis! Waxless, waxable, skate, backcountry... every skier should enjoy good glide over the snow. No one likes wet snow or ice sticking to the ski underfoot either! Convenience glide waxes are a great solution for any skier not able or interested in hot waxing their skis for glide. They also help prevent build-up of ice and snow on the warmer or wet days. Apply these waxes to the entire ski base (except over kick wax for those using waxable classic skis) for smoother, faster glide and less icing and sticking.

This kit includes one each of:

Toko Grip & Glide Liquid for super-fast application for a few Ks on the trail. Wipe on the base, go ski. Glrp & Glide takes just a few seconds to apply!

For better wax durability, up to 10 k or so, use Toko TF 90 Paste . This takes a bit more time to wipe on and smooth over the base, but you'll enjoy faster skis longer!

And for the long day or your club's race day, try Fast Wax's Slick Pro Blue Paste and Speed Block . Wipe Slick Pro on with the included foam pad then cork smooth with the Speed Block. Corking Slick Pro will provide maximum wax durability, 15 to 20 K, and superb glide. Blue has a wide, almost universal temperature range, but skiers can add other Slick Pros to cover colder or warmer conditions as they gain confidence and fitness.

Individual Component Price: $85.00