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New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Skin Ski Wax & Cleaner Kit

New Moon Wax Gift Pack: Skin Ski Wax & Cleaner Kit
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This collection represents the most popular waxes for skin skis available today!
In the kit:
Start Fluoro Skin Spray - a universal, durable skin wax that prevents icing and improves glide in any condition.

Swix Skin Care Pro Cold for temps in the teens and 20s - primarily enhances glide with colder, higher-friction snows.

Swix Skin Care Pro Zero for temps around freezing - both aids glide and prevents icing when snow sticks to the skins.

Swix Skin Care Pro Warm for wet snow, well above freezing - helps break suction that slows skis in wet conditions.

Swix Skin Cleaner for post ski cleaning - restores the function of a a skin ski's micro-hairs.

Swix Fiberlene cloth to aid with application and cleaning.
Any skin ski user will benefit from this kit. Most skiers will find a few that they really like and can always reorder just those.

Individual Component Price: $79.00