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Nordjork The Motto Graphic Tee

Nordjork The Motto Graphic Tee
$21.00 - $35.00
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Raise your right pole, and repeat after us. "Nee shern-teh spohr ehr lee-veh."

The Motto design is a coat of arms with a short sentence that celebrates our collective love of the glide. A banner to stride under. A phrase to live by, to gather in allegiance to the skinny ski.

NYKJØRTE SPOR ER LIVET is Norwegian for FRESH GROOMED TRACK ARE MY LIFE. Our new friend Even from the Norwegian wax team helped create + translate the motto.

The Coat of Arms is made up of lions (inspired by the Norwegian coat of arms) on classic skis, stylized classic + skate track, snowflake + our beanie helmet logo.

It's got style. It's got swagger. It's cool AF. Sport one and give a proper nod to the sport we love.