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Rex 200gm LF Glide Wax

Rex 200gm LF Glide Wax
  • Temperature: LF Green: -4F to 18F
  • Temperature: LF Pink: 5F to 15F
  • Temperature: LF Blue: 15F to 28F
  • Temperature: LF Black: 10F to 36F
  • Temperature: LF Yellow: 28F to 36F
This item is currently not available.


LF Glide Wax Green (-4F to 18F)
A hard and non-oily wax for the coldest temperatures.

LF Glide Wax Pink (5F to 15F)
Best in Old Snow conditions. Suitable for a wide temperature range, as the snow type is more important than temperature.

LF Glide Wax Blue (15F to 28F)
LF Blue is the fluorinated version of the legendary Rex Blue. Works well both on new and old snow. The "official benchmark wax" for the Rex Service and Product Development teams.

LF Glide Wax Black (10F to 36F)
Graphite-containing glide for new snow. Specially designed for the type of snow, not the temperature. Also suitable for priming a new or stone-polished ski. Good wear resistance.

LF Glide Wax Yellow (28F to 36F)
Hard for a yellow wax, but still easy to apply. A little bit softer than HF11 Yellow.