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Swix Skin Care Pro Liquid Fluoro Wax 70ml

Swix Skin Care Pro Liquid Fluoro Wax 70ml
  • Temperature: Cold Fluoro Skin Wax: 14-28F
  • Temperature: Zero Fluoro Skin Wax: 26-37F
  • Temperature: Warm Fluoro Skin Wax: 35-50F
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N17C Skin Care COLD improves glide properties, especially in colder snow conditions. Below freezing friction is the primary challenge for a waxless ski. Cold was developed with a focus on this friction reduction on fine-grained, crystalline, and wind-blown conditions from 14-28 F/-2 C to -10 C. Quick drying for easy application. Wipe a thin layer on the skin pattern, let dry for a few minutes and go skiing!

N17Z Skin Care ZERO is ideal for the critical temp window right around the freezing point when snow begins packing and icing on waxless patterns. Anti-icing is the key goal for ZERO. It will also resist dirt build-up if older snow is encountered. Developed for conditions from 26F to 37F/-3 C to +3 C.

Specifically formulated to perform in warmer and wetter snow types, N17W WARM provides both excellent moisture repellency and strong dirt build-up resistance. Late-season, corn snows are usually quite dirty. WARM is a great option for late season skiers. For conditions from 35F to 50F/+2 C to +10 C.