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Swix V-Line Wax

Swix V-Line Wax
  • Temperature: 05 Polar (-22/5F new snow) (-12/10F old)
  • Temperature: 20 (5/18F new) (0/12F old)
  • Temperature: 30 Blue (14/28F new) (5/23F old)
  • Temperature: 40 Blue Extra (19/30F new) (12/27F old)
  • Temperature: 45 Violet Special (27/32F new) (21/28F old)
  • Temperature: 50 Violet (32F new) (27/30F old)
  • Temperature: 55 Special Red (28/34F)
  • Temperature: 60 Red/Silver (32/38F new) (30/34F old)
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Blue (14/28F new) (5/23F old)
Excellent in the teens and low twenties, especially with low humidity. If tracks are slippery, use V40 Blue Extra.

Blue Extra (19/30F new) (12/27F old)
One of the true classics. Nearly universal performance in sub-freezing temps. Apply thinner for temps below 20F. A must-have for any classic skier.

Green (5/18F new) (0/12F old) Swix's standard cold kicker. Works reliably down below zero. Easily covered if temps warm up beyond the green temp range.

Polar (-22/5F new snow) (-12/10F old)
An old fave of the die-hard cold weather crowd. Applies much easier at room temp. Be sure to cork to a glassy, smooth surface. Apply long if tracks are soft or slippery.

Red/Silver (32/38F new) (30/34F old)
Very tacky for very wet and fresh snow min the 30s and 40s. May need to be covered if icing is a problem.

Special Red (28/34F)
A popular choice for many classic skiers. Good for those wet days with fresh snow that is not quite klister snow. One of the essential kick waxes.

Violet (32F new) (27/30F old)
For damp, sticky snow right at freezing. Prone to icing if snow is fresh. Cover with Rex Hydrex if icing is a problem.

Violet Special (27/32F new) (21/28F old)
For moist snow beginning to get sticky and damp. Cover with some blue extra if icing occurs.