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Rode T-Line Klister
Waxes specially created for the World Cup a few years ago at the request of national teams. Recently they have been gaining great popularity among cross-country skiers thanks to their quality and results. As if the already high level of the classic Rode waxes STICK and KLISTER wasn’t enough, these variants are their evolution, ensuring the same grip, but even more sliding. For 2020, directly from the cases of the Ski Wax Test of the World Cup, to expand the range of high performance products in the catalog for all fans we have four new entries: B15, B17, B310 into Stick Top Line KRS3 into Klister top Line
START Black Magic Klister
Amazing performance in dirty, variable snow. Great at repelling pine needles, lichen, oak leaves, etc.
Rex TK-2251 Klister (32F to 50F Wet Snow)
For new falling and slushy snow, as a final layer for better glide and dirt repellency. Billed as a new version of the classic Rex OV. Really successful World Cup wax; this belongs in every wax kit.
Swix Green Base Klister Spray 150ml
Green Base Klister Spray. Temperature range 5°F to 50F. Apply a thin layer. Use regular klister on top, adjusted to the conditions, or aerosol Quick Klister. Upside down spray applicator for controlled spray-on application. The Base klister is applied by holding the bottle upside down and move it slowly along the ski on both sides of the groove. Distance between the base and nozzle should be 4-5 cm. For Racing, Sport and Recreation.
START Oslo Kick Wax
Oslo kickers have quickly become some of New Moon's most popular kick waxes due to their reliable and forgiving kick in widely varying conditions. Designed with Norwegian snow conditions in mind where elevation and North Atlantic storms create complex waxing. For coarse, abrasive, or man made snow turning into powder as elevation or race conditions change. Can be corked in trailside! Non-fluorinated. Comes in: Super Green (5F to 19F) Extra Blue(18F to 28F) Purple (27F to 36F)
Rex Liquid Klister 60mL
60ML -Base -Gold 19F to 34F -Red 32F to 50F Same durable Klister wax as Rex’s traditional line, now in a liquid form. Allows a quick and thin application. Can be applied with minimal heating at room temps. Excellent base for hard waxes in mixed or abrasive conditions. For fully transformed conditions where a thick layer is needed use traditional tube klister.
Swix KX Klister
The KX klisters are durable klisters custom-made for different conditions.
START Grip Tape 16-Foot Roll (-5F to 40F)
The original universal grip tape. Apply to a clean and dry kick zone and enjoy up to several hundred Ks of good kick if you keep the tape clean. Cork aggressively to "refresh".
Universal silver klister for recreational and racing skiers. Gives a great kick. K21S UNI SILVER KLISTER 3C TO -5C (23°F to 38°F) K22 UNI VM KLISTER -3C TO 10C (27°F to 50°F)
Rode Klister
MULTIGRADE (21F to 42F) Rode Multigrade Klister for coarse snow 21 to 42 F. This one is killer in coarse snow and when the tracks are falling apart. If you're building a klister collection, this better be in there! SPECIAL BLUE (10F to 25F) Rode Special Blue Klister for 10 to 25 F. This one isn't as tough as Chola, but other waxes bond to it more easily so you can also cover it with hard wax in cold, abrasive new snow. BLUE (23F to 32F) Rode Blue Klister for 23 to 32 F, when the track is thawed and refrozen. This is for the blazing fast hold-on-to-your-hats type of days! Don't be afraid of klister! Imagine rollerski kick with melt-your face speed! That is what spring skiing is all about. VIOLET SPECIAL (23F to 30F) Rode Violet Special Klister for 23 to 30F. This is the ticket as a binder for cold snow under blue hardwax! VIOLET (27F to 32F) Rode Violet Klister for 27 to 32 F. This is the ticket as a binder for cold snow under blue hardwax! RED (28F to 39F) Rode Red Klister for 28 to 39 F. This needs to be in your box, as you'll want to try mixing it with other waxes to increase speed and prevent icing. SPECIAL RED (32F to 37F) Rode Special Red Klister for 32 to 37 F. Great for wet snow or mixing to prevent icing and speed up other waxes. SILVER (31F to 34F) Rode Silver Klister for 31 to 34 F. Mix this stuff in where the snow is dirty to maintain speed and prevent icing. SILVER SPECIAL (32F to 39F) CHOLA UNIVERSAL
Rode Klister Chola Binder
Time-proven base klister. Extremely durable. Apply with torch or heat gun to aide in application.
START Universal Wide Klister
One of the few truly universal waxes available. It is able to glide in cold temperatures and kick when the snow warms up. This wax outperforms other klisters in fresh snow conditions while simultaneously is able to kick in transformed ice crystals. In racing, this wax can be used as a mix with another klister, or under a cover wax. The versatility of this mix is in part due to its composition of klister raw materials, terva(tar), and aluminum. The aluminum additive prevents the formation of ice around freezing, when snow is in transition between solid and liquid state. The special ingredient is the terva which enables the wax to kick in warm conditions and remain fast on cold snow. The tar that is used in Uni Wide is created through the dry distillation of Finnish pine trees. What remains is a unqiue thermoplastic that transforms with changes in temperature. In a thin application, the tar hardens and creates a shell to protect from fresh ice crystals. In a thick application, the tar acts as a cusion layer to provide kick on rounded and transformed ice crystals. Application: Begin with a thin application of base klister or base klister spray. Then apply Universal Klister in a chevron pattern along the kick zone of your ski. Tech tip: apply a thin layer for fresh snow conditions, and a thicker layer for transformed snow conditions. Rub in an even layer with your thumb or synthetic cork. When racing, allow the skis to sit base down on the snow for a brief period of time to allow the hard shell to form, remove any excess snow sticking to the base and go ski.
Toko Nordic Klister
A simplified klister line up from Toko. BASE GREEN: cold klister and binder BLUE: -22F to 19F snow temperature, great for cold, refrozen, icy conditions. RED: 18F to 30F snow temperature, great all purpose for frozen or damp conditions. YELLOW: 28F TO 32F snow temperature, ideal for wet corn snow or slop.
Toko Nordic Klister Spray Base Green
Base Green: Used as the foundation for other GripSprays (or other klisters or grip waxes) and greatly improves abrasion resistance and durability.
Rex Klister
Rex Blue Klister (14F to 23F Icy Snow) For icy and hard track. Famous for its durability. In abrasive conditions can be used as a base wax for other klisters and grip waxes. Rex Gold Klister (19F to 37F Man-made Snow) A new product for coarse snow, man-made snow and glazed tracks. Tested and approved by all major world cup teams in cross country. Rex Purple Klister (19F to 38F Wet, Old Snow) A durable klister for wide temperature range. For coarse wet snow and coarse icy snow. Rex OV Brown Klister (32F to 50F Wet, Old Snow) A special klister for coarse and wet snow. One of our top products! Rex Universal Klister (-22F to 50F All Conditions) An effective klister for new and wet snow. For all kinds of klister conditions. Due to new, enhanced formula, it is easier to apply.
START Base Wax Extra
The purpose of a base wax is to adhere the kicking wax to the kick zone of your skis. What makes Start base waxes unique is their use of klister as a solution for maintaining durability. Start base waxes are comprised of a combination of synthetic rubber, klister, and pine tar. The difference between base wax and base wax extra is that base wax extra contains more klister which will improve durability in coarse grained snow. This works well for artifiical, transformed, coarse, or abrasive snow. Application: Start Base wax is to be applied with an iron that is only used for kick waxing. You can rub the iron on the kick wax to warm it up, and then rub the warmed can onto the ski in a thin layer. Iron into a thin, even layer, and allow to cool. This stuff can be tricky to apply, but it is 100% worth it.
Vauhti GS Base Binder 45G
GS Base AT is a base wax that excels in fresh snow conditions. Good durability, combined with excellent glide properties make this a popular choice when the snow is falling, especially with fine snow. GS Base AT can be applied cold, without ironing.
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