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One Way Storm 4 Mag Pole

One Way Storm 4 Mag Pole
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The Storm Mag 4, with its stable-yet-light, 70% carbon shaft, is a great addition to any serious Nordic skier's gear. It also has the unique Mag Point System 2.0 quick-attach magnetic capability. A simple to use button lets you attach or detach the strap without having to open it. High-quality Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0 optimize your control and maximize your power transfer. The Flash Premio Basket provides grip in a variety of conditions and terrain to help you enjoy your skiing.

Shaft Diameter - 16:9 mm
Shaft Material - Carbon 70%
Swingweight - 149 kgm²
Balance Point - 689 mm
Breaking Load - 937 N
Stiffness - 64 mm
Weight per meter - 81 g

*Baskets and Straps included in price.