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Rode Kick Wax

Rode Kick Wax
  • Temperature: Special Green: 5F to 14F
  • Temperature: Green: 14F to 25F
  • Temperature: Multigrade Blue: 20F to 28F
  • Temperature: Blue: 21F to 28F
  • Temperature: Blue Super: 28F to 32F
  • Temperature: Blue Super Extra: 23F to 30F
  • Temperature: Multigrade Violet: 29F to 32F
  • Temperature: Violet: around 32F
  • Temperature: Violet Extra: 32F to 34F
  • Temperature: Red Extra: 30F to 34F
  • Temperature: Red: 32F to 36F
  • Temperature: Yellow: 34F to 39F
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Rode Special Green hard wax (grip wax) for 5F to 14 F. If you're looking for fast, this is it. Can mix this with Green to soften it up and when just a bit more kick might be nice.

GREEN (14F to 25F)
Rode Green hard wax (grip wax) for 14F to 25 F. Best for low humidities in new and untransformed snow.

Rode Multigrade Blue hard wax (grip wax) for 20F to 28F. Best in new and untransformed snow. AWESOME wax for SPEED in the teens!

BLUE (21F to 28F)
Rode Blue hard wax (kick wax) for snow temps 28F to 21F. Very reliable grip in new and untransformed snow within its temperature range.

SUPER BLUE (27F to 30F)
Rode Super Blue hard wax (grip wax) for snow temps 27F to 30F. Excellent in new and untransformed snow. If you don't have this one, GET IT! MUST HAVE!

Rode Super Extra Blue hard wax (grip wax) for fresh and untransformed snow. Snow temps 23 to 30 F. Use when humidity is above 40% as a complement to Super Blue which is used for lower humidity.

Rode Multigrade Violet hard wax (grip wax) for 29 to 32 F. Can be used much colder in higher humidity and moisture content. If you have one wax in your pocket, pray it's this one! This is the gateway drug of Rode try this one and then HAVE TO HAVE the rest of the line!

VIOLET (around 32F)
Rode Violet hard wax (grip wax) for 32 F (0 C). Don't leave home without this wax! Thinking about zeroes? Everything else super slow? Try this before you make the final call.

Rode Violet Extra hard wax (grip wax) for 32 to 34 F. Another one to try when you're searching for something other than waxless skis!

RED EXTRA (30F to 34F)
Rode Red Extra hard wax for 30 to 34 F, which can be great new humid snow that isn't glazing or drying out.

RED (32F to 36F)
Rode Red hard wax (grip wax) for 32 to 36 F. Can be good in fresh, humid snow that isn't glazing.

YELLOW (34F to 39F)
Rode Yellow Gialla hard wax (grip wax) for 34 to 39 F. Gialla is THE wax to try in the Rode line when trying to decide on wax for zeroes. Think 2016 Birkie...when the snow is wet and glazing... this could be your miracle wax!