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Skin Treatments

Rex TK73 Pure Fluoro Block 20g (-4 to 23F)
TK-73 is a PFOA-free universal fluoro block for subzero conditions and all snow types. You can never make your skis slower with TK-73. Use it as a coating for our gliders, and you are already stepping on to the podium. Rub on skin ski mohair inserts for better dirt repellency and glide.
Rex Hydrex 2.0 Liquid- Skins and Glide (-4F to 50F)
Updated formulation for 2019! New, eco-friendly chemistry breaks down within 30 days of exposure to the outdoors. Hydrex serves as both a glide and kick wax "booster". Apply thinly over high fluoros, pure fluoros, and kick wax to enhance water repellancy and reduce kick wax icing. Hydrex is also a superb treatment for skin skis to promote glide and reduce icing underfoot. Easy and economical way to get world class glide. Recommended to all racers from juniors to elite racers. 40g pump spray. -4F to 50F.
Fast Wax HSP Slick Kit
It doesn't get any easier than this! The Fast Wax Slick Kit includes three tins of paste wax covering all temperature ranges. Instructions and the cork or felt pad are all part of the resealable tin. This is a quick, simple, and affordable way for casual skiers and boarders to add some speed to their glide. These waxes are fluorocarbon free.
Swix Skin Care Pro Cleaner 70mL
Keep your skin ski bases clean with Swix Skin Care Pro Skin Cleaner. Formulated with special solvents that are safe for the adhesives used on the skins. Use after an outing on dirty tracks to keep the skin gripping well and gliding fast.
Swix Skin Care Pro Liquid Fluoro Wax 70ml
N17C Skin Care COLD improves glide properties, especially in colder snow conditions. Below freezing friction is the primary challenge for a waxless ski. Cold was developed with a focus on this friction reduction on fine-grained, crystalline, and wind-blown conditions from 14-28 F/-2 C to -10 C. Quick drying for easy application. Wipe a thin layer on the skin pattern, let dry for a few minutes and go skiing! N17Z Skin Care ZERO is ideal for the critical temp window right around the freezing point when snow begins packing and icing on waxless patterns. Anti-icing is the key goal for ZERO. It will also resist dirt build-up if older snow is encountered. Developed for conditions from 26F to 37F/-3 C to +3 C. Specifically formulated to perform in warmer and wetter snow types, N17W WARM provides both excellent moisture repellency and strong dirt build-up resistance. Late-season, corn snows are usually quite dirty. WARM is a great option for late season skiers. For conditions from 35F to 50F/+2 C to +10 C.
Rex Skin Care 85ml
New dirt-repelling and glide-enhancing conditioner for mohair grip insert skis. Safe to use on all ski brands. Apply to a cloth and wipe the mohair clean. Leaves a protective treatment after drying. Hydrocarbon-free.
Swix N16 Skin Ski Cleaner 70mL
Specially formulated with alcohol-based solvents that are safe for skin ski adhesives. Use after skiing to restore function of the micro-hairs found on skin ski patterns. This is vital for good kick in a full range of snow conditions. Spray on skin pattern and use cloth to wipe off excess from tip to tail. Allow drying time before re-applying skin wax treatments. 70ml pump spray.
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