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Vauhti Pure Pro Base Wax 80ml

Vauhti Pure Pro Base Wax 80ml
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Liquid glide waxes will always perform better if a base preparation is done with an ironed-in paraffin or the use of a liquid base primer.

Use the Pure Pro Base liquid base primer on a regular basis on new and stone grinded skis and from time to time during the season to get the most benefit and wear resistance from the liquid glide waxes. Liquid base wax doesn't need to be ironed in and can be used as a base for other liquid glide waxes and paraffins

Instructions for quick glides:
• Shake the bottle well.
• Press the sponge against the ski base and squeeze the bottle lightly.
• Apply a thick layer by rubbing it back and forth on the gliding surfaces.
• Allow to dry for approximately 10 min.
• Brush thoroughly, using a nylon brush.

Tips to improve the durability and glide sensitivity:
Tip 1.  Rub in the dried gel with a natural cork or RotoCork.  Using a cork will significantly improve the product’s durability. Brush the ski base thoroughly with a nylon brush; if necessary, use a fine-bristled metal brush first.
Tip 2.  Add Vauhti Fluorocarbon Block on ski base waxed with Quick Glide. Cork and brush thoroughly, using a nylon brush. Glide will increase significantly.

Tip 3.  Rub a layer of Vauhti Fluorocarbon Block on the base, and apply a generous amount of quick glide on top of this layer, mixing to combine the two products. Let dry completely; the longer, the better. Brush heavily, using a nylon brush. Corking with also extend durability.